5 Online Tools to Improve Your Productivity

5 Online Tools That Will Improve Your Productivity

A study done by AtTask and market research firm Harris Interactive reveals that employees spend only 45 percent of their office time actually completing their key job responsibilities. While this means that an average employee spends half of his work hours doing a lot of other things beside his/hers actual work, it also means that one has to make the optimum utilization of the time spent working and make those hours as productive as possible. There are a multitude of amazing online tools to help you perform better. Here we discuss five such wonderful online tools that will prove beneficent to your productivity:


Evernote is one of the most popular productivity app companies on the planet. Although the company’s business is not in the best spirits from the last one year, a wide range of professionals, from writers to researchers still swear by its note-taking abilities.  Any great idea or any story you come across the web can be recorded instantaneously in Evernote and shared with team simultaneously before it gets overwritten by some other idea or gets erased from your mind.  Evernote helps collaboration as any note can be shared and reviewed on a laptop, iPhone, iPad or Android. Each note is time and date stamped which also helps in maintaining a visual timeline.

The primary value proposition of the app is the convenience it offers, where users can create a note in the form of a webpage excerpt, a voice memo, a photograph or a section of formatted text. The app supports almost all major operating systems like Windows, OS X, Android, iOS and Windows Phone amongst others.  The free basic version is good enough for all uses although it comes with a monthly usage limit.


Dropbox has come a long way from its humble beginnings in 2007 to become a $10 billion company in 2017, capitalizing on its highly popular file hosting service that enables the user to store any file on a local folder and later view it on the cloud on any device with internet access.   Once you install Dropbox on your computer, Macbook, iPhone or Android device, it creates a virtual folder where you can drop anything and view it later on any other device. The app also allows sharing any stored content with chosen users, a feature much loved among its users.

Google Drive

This list simply cannot be complete without the ubiquitous Google Drive Tool, which not only offers a cloud file hosting service like Dropbox but also lets users create online word docs, spreadsheets and presentations. Like most of the tools listed here, Google Drive provides restriction free usage of most of its features, the only caveat being a limited storage space of 2 GB.  With a simple Google account you can access these tools from anywhere and any computing device. The simplicity of design and ease of use makes Google Drive a favorite at not only cash-strapped startups but also at enterprise corporates.


Started as an internal productivity enhancing tool at Tiny Speck, Slack has quickly become popular with team leaders across organizations as it allows instant communication within teams. Instead of starting a never ending email chain, which is not only time consuming to write and read but also cumbersome to manage, it allows the members to organize a chat room and tag the users they want to communicate with instantly. The app is slowly transforming into a community platform, similar to groups on Facebook, minus the distractions.   Multiple private channels can be created to break large teams into their own respective projects. Plus, desktop notifications will keep you aware of the latest progress.


One of the most advanced tools on this list, Teamviewer supports remote control and desktop sharing which can be used for giving presentations, providing technical support and accessing files. Packed with advanced features, Teamviewer has helped countless users in more ways than any other app on this list. If you want to use your computer while you’re away from home or want to provide technical support to one of your friends or relatives, there is no tool better than Teamviewer. If you buy a business license you can also give presentations and conduct meetings saving a lot of time and money.


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