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8 Best Click Tracking Software in 2024

Last Updated on February 19, 2024


Starting at
1,000,000 Visits
1 Dedicated Domain with SSL
Onboarding Training
24/7 Support team
Auto optimization tool

Clickmagick- Most Popular

Starting at
10,000 Visits
2 Free Custom Tracking Domains
6-Month Data Retention
Automated bot filtering
14 days free trial


Starting at
One Ad Network Integration
eCommerce Integrations
50 K Sessions
Unlimited campaigns
Lead Gen Integrations

As an online marketer for 15 years I tried and tested many click tracking software (sometimes referred to as link tracking software, or affiliate tracker). Out of all the software I used for me Voluum is the best in terms of features and capabilites , however clickmagick is much more beginner friendly and appeals to a wider audience.

What is a click tracking software?

A link tracking software will give you in depth analysis on the traffic you get to your website, landing page, sales funnels, app or any other web property. When you receive traffic to your web properties whether it is paid or organic you want to know where it came from. A click tracking software can tell you the channel it came from (organic search, social media, paid search), the geo, the device, the time, the pages visited, the query and other variables that can help you estimate and optimize your marketing campaigns.

Why do you need a click tracking software?

A click tracking software is a must for any online marketer (especially if you are running paid ads). Proper tracking is one of the most important aspects of online marketing. If you don’t track the performance of your campaigns by traffic source, keywords, placements, time and other variable you target or use, it is impossible to run an online business.

Let me give you an example so you understand

Let’s say you run a campaign on Facebook and

3 different ads, you spend $100 and get 3 conversions each worth $30.



Profit= $-10

So overall you’re down $10. If you tracked your ads properly you now have the data which ads generated conversions.

You find out that:

Ad 1 spent $30 and brought in the 3 conversions

Ad 2 spent $35 and brought 0 conversions.

Ad 3 spent $35 and brought 0 conversions.

Now you can make decisions and optimize the campaign like turning ad 2 and 3 off and create variations of ad 1- See the power of Tracking!

Top Click Tracking Software

Let’s start looking deeper into each click tracking software.

1. Voluum – Best For Advanced Marketers and Affiliates.Voluum click tracking software


  • Real time reporting.
  • A/B Split Tests.
  • Auto optimization tool.
  • Drill down reports.
  • User friendly dashboard.
  • Dedicated account managers.
  • Massive knowledgebase and training videos,.
  • Mobile app.
  • Flow and smartlink creator.
  • Organic traffic tracking.
  • Traffic Distribution AI.
  • Campaign migration from your old tracker.


  • If you’re new to online marketing voluum might be a bit too much for what you initially can handle.
  • Data retention is limited depending on your plan.
  • No free trial.
  • Can get expensive.

Voluum Pricing

Pricing for individuals starts at $199/month and $349/month on the individual plan. For the business plans we are talking about $599/month,$999/month and $1999/month.


2.Clickmagick– Best For Overall Marketers and Affiliates.


  • 2 Free Custom Tracking Domains.
  • 6-Month Data Retention.
  • Integrated w/ 100+ affiliate Networks.
  • Automated bot filtering and clickfraud protection. 
  • 14 days free trial.
  • Phone/Email notification about your campaigns.
  • Auto Currency Conversion


  • Limited support.
  • Data retention is limited depending on your plan.
  • 10,000 clicks a month on the starting plan might not be enough to some marketers.

Clickmagick Pricing

Clickmagick has 3 pricing plans starting at $69/month for the basic plan. The 10,000 click limit should be enough if you’re just starting out but for most online marketers that’s probably not going to be enough and you would need at least the standard $149 month plan. The $299/Month plan is the highest priced unless you need more clicks per month and then you will get custom pricing plan.


3. Adsbridge

adsbridge click tracking software


  • Unlimited custom domains.
  • Dedicated support team.
  • Automated bot filtering. 
  • A variety of affordable pricing plans.
  • Flow and smartlink creator.
  • Auto optimization tool.
  • Native integration with hundreds of networks.
  • Multi user access.


  • User interface not very friendly.
  • Support is limited.
  • Mobile version is lacking in features.

Adsbridge Pricing

Annual pricing starts at $299/Year all the way up to $3669/Year . You have 4 different plans you can choose from depending on your needs. The main difference between the plans is the visit/click limit.

adsbridge pricing

4. Anytrack


  • Ability to build custom audiences.
  • One tag to track complex events and funnels.
  • 60+ integrated affiliate networks.
  • Advanced eCommerce tracking.


  • Plans click limit a bit low in my opinion. 50k, 500k and 3 million in the 3 plans.
  • Not beginner friendly.

Anytrack Pricing

3 pricing plans are available. From $50/month to $300/month. There’s also a 14 days free trial. The basic plans features and limits are not enough in my opinion unless you’re just starting out. But even than Clickmagick give you a better value for money.


cpvlab tracking software

CPVLAB is one of the oldest click tracking software. They have 2 products: CPV Lab (self-hosted tracker, requires users to have a server) and CPV One (cloud hosted, runs on cloud infrastructure, doesn’t require an extra server from users). If you go with them it’s much easier to go with the self hosted version.


  • cookie-less tracking.
  • 3 Custom Domains with SSL.
  • 2 000 000 events/mo at the basic plan.


  • Only 3 API integrations at the basic plan.
  • Might be a steep learning curve for beginners.


Pricing starts at $48 a month with a nice amount of tracked events data retention and 3 custom domains. 14 days free trial is available.

cpvlab pricing


linktrackr ad tracking


  • 30 days free trial.
  • Flexible pricing plans.


  • No click fraud and bot detection.
  • They don’t allow you to run certain kinds of traffic.
  • Low click limits.

Linktrackr Pricing

Pricing starts at only $7/month so if you’re on a budget it’s definitely a click tracking software to consider.


improvely click tracking software


  • 14 days free trial.
  • Bot/Fraud protection.
  • Provide affiliate marketing network tools


  • Low click limit on the freelance and startup plans.
  • Gets pricey after 50,000 clicks.
  • User interface not user friendly.

Improvely Pricing

Lowest plan is $29/month called freelancer, than startup $79/month, small agency $149/month, than large agency $299/month.


redtrack io click tracking software


  • High quality fraud detection.
  • Dedicated support team.
  • Automated bot filtering. 
  • Affiliate management platform built in.
  • Advanced in-depth reporting.


  • Basic plans lack most of advanced features.
  • Some functionalities are hard to find.
  • Can be overwhelming for beginners.

Redtrack Pricing

Redtrack has 4 plans. Pro, advanced, team, and enterprise. Annual billing will give you 2 months free so it’s worth taking advantage of if you can pay upfront.


What Should I Look For in a Click Tracking Software?

Free Trial

Usually a good product/service will give you the free trial option because they believe in it. And know that if you try it you are likely to use it in the long run. The exception is companies that are already established in the market and made a name for themselves (e.g Voluum)

Bot/Fraud Detection

With all the online click fraud it is important to filter and exclude that kind of traffic, especially if you’re paying for it. Make sure your tracker gives you a built in fraud/bot detection tool.

Good Click Limit

This is tricky because every business has different needs, but I think the minimum amount to consider as a good click limit is 50,000/month.

A/B Split testing

Being able to run split test on your offers, landing page on your tracker is definitely a feature to expect from a good click tracking software.


Automation is the name of the game today, and if you’re tracking software can send you alerts based on pre determined conditions, rotate , exclude, target traffic based on rules, than you’re one step ahead of the game.

Integration with traffic sources/affiliate networks

Most click traffic software have built in traffic sources and affiliate networks tokens built in them so you don’t have to manually add each one.

Rule based traffic rotation

Sometimes you get traffic that is not valid for a specific offer you promote (for example: a credit score offer that only targets the US). A good tracker should have the option to redirect traffic based on geo, device, ad, os and other factors to a matching offer.

So Which is the best click tracking software?

When taking all the important features into consideration, voluum is definitely the best click tracking software in my view. The only things I don’t like about it is the short data retention on the basic plan and that the basic plan starts at $89 so if you’re a complete beginner looking to save costs you can find cheaper options. But if you already running campaign. s and know what you’re doing this is by far the best quality tracking software out there. For beginners clickmagick is the best option, easy to get started, a lot of great tutorials and great support. So if you’re just starting out I would take clickmagick for a 14 days trial test drive.

If you’re running an online business and especially if you’re buying traffic, click tracking tool can make or break your business. If you’re business decisions aren’t based on real data than you’re just like a blind man hunting. which click tracking software are you using?


Why you should use a click tracking software?

Click tracking software is a valuable tool for various purposes, primarily in online marketing and web analytics. Here are several reasons why you should consider using click tracking software:
Measure Performance: Click tracking software helps you monitor and measure the performance of your online assets, such as websites, ads, email campaigns, and links. By tracking clicks, you can determine which elements are most effective and which need improvement.
ROI Analysis: If you’re running online advertising campaigns, click tracking allows you to calculate the return on investment (ROI) accurately. You can see how much you’re spending on ads and how much revenue or other desired actions (like sign-ups or downloads) those ads are generating.
Optimize Marketing Campaigns: Click tracking provides insights into user behavior, helping you understand where your audience is clicking, what they’re interested in, and what content or CTAs (Call to Actions) are most compelling. This information enables you to make data-driven decisions to optimize your marketing campaigns.
A/B Testing: Click tracking is crucial for A/B testing and split testing. By tracking clicks on different variations of a webpage or ad, you can determine which version performs better and make adjustments accordingly to improve conversion rates.
Identify Conversion Funnel Issues: Click tracking software helps you identify drop-off points in your conversion funnels. If you see that users are clicking on a call-to-action but not completing the desired action (e.g., making a purchase), you can investigate and address issues that might be hindering conversions.
Segmentation and Targeting: Click tracking allows you to segment your audience based on their behavior. You can create custom audiences for retargeting campaigns, ensuring that you reach out to users who have shown interest in specific products or content.
Fraud Detection: In online advertising, click fraud can be a significant issue. Click tracking software can help you identify and combat click fraud by analyzing click patterns and detecting suspicious or fraudulent activity.
User Experience Improvement: By tracking clicks and user interactions on your website or app, you can gain insights into how users navigate and engage with your content. This information can guide improvements to enhance the overall user experience.
Data-Driven Decision-Making: Click tracking provides valuable data that can inform your marketing and business strategies. It enables you to make informed decisions based on real user behavior rather than assumptions.
Accountability and Reporting: Click tracking software offers reporting and analytics capabilities, allowing you to provide clear, data-backed reports to stakeholders, clients, or team members, demonstrating the effectiveness of your efforts.
Competitive Analysis: You can use click tracking to monitor the online activities of your competitors. By understanding their click-through rates and user engagement, you can refine your own strategies and stay competitive.

How do Utms work?

UTM parameters, or UTM codes, are tags added to the end of URLs to track and analyze the performance of various marketing campaigns, links, or sources. They stand for “Urchin Tracking Module,” and they were originally developed by Urchin Software Corporation, which was later acquired by Google and became the foundation for Google Analytics. UTMs work by providing additional information about the source and context of a click, helping you understand where your website traffic is coming from and how users are interacting with your content. To use UTMs, you need to create specific UTM parameters that you’ll append to your URLs. These parameters consist of key-value pairs, such as utm_source=Facebook, utm_medium=CPC, utm_campaign=4THOFJULY, utm_term=4THOFJULYSALE, and utm_content=SALESPAGE

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