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Most Important Life Goals-Top 5

Last Updated on June 23, 2022

Most Important Life Goals

Everyone should have goals, dreams, they want to pursue. And if you don’t you should definitely start setting your goals. as the old saying goes, if you don’t know where you’re going, any road you take will lead you to your destination. We all have different goals in mind but we identified what we believe are the most important life goals .

Smart Goals

A common practice to set goals is using the S.M.A.R.T goals which stand for goals that are:

Specific-A specific goal has a better chance of being achieved than a general goal. You need to know exactly who is involved with the goal, what resources you need, be specific as you can.

Measurable- Make sure you can measure/track your progress and the achievement of the goal. You want to lose 40 pounds?you can easily measure that. You want to earn 10% more a month-that’s measurable. You get the idea

Attainable– The goal you set needs to be attainable and realistic. If you set an unrealistic goal you set yourself for failure. If you don’t have the resources/time/skills yet to achieve a certain goal, set a different one.

Relevant– The goal needs to be relevant to who you are and fit in the big picture of the life you want to live.

Time Bound-The goal need to have a target date/time it will keep you focused and give you some sense of urgency to pursue it.

Most Important Life Goals

  1. Being Healthy-Let’s be honest, you can be the richest person alive, but if you’re paralyzed or suffer from a terrible illness, no money in the world will make you happy.So do the best you can to stay healthy. Eat well, Exercise and live a balanced life.
  2. Being Financially Free– If money isn’t an issue for you, than you’re in a very good place. Money isn’t everything, but being financially free, means you can’t pursue your true dreams and desires. Most people hate to go to work every day but they do it cause they have to. They have bills to pay and mouths to feed. Build income streams ,invest save money and make sure that someday you will become financially free.
  3. Giving Something Back-As individuals we don’t have the power the change everything that needs change, but we can contribute our own small contribution to make this world slightly better. It can be by donating money to your favorite charity, tutor under privilege children, or keep company to an older person who has no family left. Giving back makes you a better person and makes this world slightly better.
  4. Being Surrounded by people who love and support you- Life is to hard to go through it on your own, that’s why it’s important you have close friends,spouse, family to be there for you and to share your love and success with.
  5. Become a Better Version of Yourself-Through constant learning, willing to be accountable and open to different opinions you will become a better person,husband,wife, mother,father,friend.

What Are Your Important Life Goals?

These goals are very broad but still we believe they should be big picture goals for everyone pursing success and happiness. If you go through biographies of successful people you will find they were chasing these goals one way or another.

Set your goals, pursue them, don’t stop until you get there!

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