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Toxic People and How to Deal With Them

Last Updated on April 7, 2017

In your pursuit to success you will encounter what we call “Toxic People”, Moreover and you will discover that some of the people that are already in your life are toxic. These people drain your energy and are in the way of your goals and dreams. You should strive to limit the time spent with these people or completely get them out of your life if possible (You will find out that some of the most toxic people in your life can be your close friends or family).

Here are a few traits that characterize toxic people you should watch out for:

They complain and blame

Toxic people are constantly complaining about anything to anyone who will listen. They will complain about life, their job, the government and blame whoever they can for their hardships, or imaginary hardships anyway. That kind of negativity is really bad for you and in time you are likely to adopt their negative thinking, and I don’t anyone successful who is a pessimist.

They are Entitled

You probably see and hear those kind of people, it seem they are growing in numbers these days. They think they deserve everything just because they breath. “I have been working here for over a year,I deserve a raise” (even though I suck at my job). You will notice entitled people using phrases like without any sense:

“I have the right to”

“I desreve this”

“That’s offensive”

“It’s not my fault”

You will also notice that the more successful you will get entitled people will start seeing you as a threat to their well being, because you are getting everything that they want but not willing to put in the work you did.

They Doubt

They will listen to your big plans and dreams, but instead of pushing you forward, they will start planting seeds of doubts in you.They will say things like:

“it’s not for you”

“You’re out of your league”

“Don’t shoot so high”

While you’re grinding to make your dreams come true surround yourself with supporting people.

They Judge

They will go out of their way to criticize you, your dreams, you actions. They are too afraid to pursue their own dreams and or they lack the believe they can make their dreams come true so the only thing left for them to do is to scrutinize what you do and criticize you.

They Make You Prove Yourself to Them

They will make you choose them over someone else, or something else.They are worried that if you advance in life you will forget about them so they choose a “divide and conquer” strategy in which the only choice is them, do not give up on meaningful relationships or dreams to satisfy them!



The road to success is hard enough as it is without having toxic people putting obstacles in your way. Do your best to avoid toxic people as much as you can and cut them of your life if necessary.


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