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5 Tips for Making Meditation Work for You

Last Updated on January 10, 2018

5 Tips for Making Meditation Work for You

Guest post By Gia George

These days, meditation is becoming more and more mainstream. It’s no longer just a spiritual practice for monks in caves of the Himalayan mountains. Everyone from corporate execs to athletes are using the power of meditation to help them find inner peace, focus, and relaxation.

But how are you supposed to fit meditation into your busy schedule? And if you ever do get a moment to sit down and relax, how do you ever shut your mind off? It’s those moments when you finally lay down in bed that your mind races the most, analyzing all the events of your day.

There is a way to make meditation work for you and to fit it into your schedule effortlessly without changing a thing. You won’t need a special cushion, a private space, or any fancy techniques to accomplish meditation that works for you. The practice is pretty simple. Here are 5 tips for making meditation work for you:

Notice Your Breath

This is the #1 tool used in highly effective meditation practices. And the beautiful thing is, you can do this anywhere! You don’t have to be sitting in the lotus posture with candles lit in order to notice your breath. This is great to do while lying in bed as you’re trying to fall asleep. Watch your breath for a few moments and notice how your mind calms down and your thoughts about your day fade away.

Meditate While Washing Dishes

No one particularly likes washing the dishes, especially after a long day and a relaxing meal. But now you can use this household chore for your meditation practice. When you’re washing the dishes, simply notice every sensation you feel. Observe the water cascading over your hands. Feel its temperature and texture. Place your focus on each dish and become as mindful as possible. Notice the colors, the sounds, and the sensations in your hands. Meditation is all about being in the present moment, so use your dishwashing time to become completely engrossed in the moment.

Clear Your Mind While Driving To and From Work

Your daily commute can be one of the most aggravating times of day. Or you can use it to clear your mind and strengthen your meditation practice. As you listen to your breath and gaze out at the road, imagine passing through big waterfalls of light, almost like a car wash. As you drive through these cascading walls of light, imagine that you’re letting go of all your stress from the day and any of your worries. You are literally leaving the past behind and clearing your mind as you drive forward into the future. Visualize a big car wash that uses light instead of water and soap. Allow the light to pass through your mind and body as well, clearing you of any worries and stress. This can be a fun activity to use on your daily commute that will actually make meditation work for you.

Practice Mindful Eating

We usually feel so rushed when we’re eating, but this is one of the most beneficial times of day to slow down and meditate. You can bring your awareness to each bite of food and slowly taste every morsel. You can practice taking 3 slow breaths in between each bite of food. Not only is this good for your digestion and your weight management, it’s also a very beneficial meditation practice.

Meditate as You Walk

You can practice meditation with every step you take by becoming mindful of every sensation you feel in your body. Feel the weight of your body shifting from foot to foot. Notice how your feet feel and how your legs feel. Notice the swing of your arms. Notice the length and pace of your stride. Notice your breath as you walk. You could even practice this each time you walk from your desk to the bathroom at work. Or even better, take a relaxing walk in the morning or evening and enjoy some fresh air.


Meditation is all about being mindful and staying in the present moment. This helps you clear your mind, find focus, and reaching a state of inner peace and calm. The wonderful thing about meditation is that it doesn’t have to be a big production that requires a lot of your time. Just meditate as you walk, eat, drive, wash dishes, and breathe. Before you know it, this simple practice will enhance your daily life and you’ll be creating more moments in your day that are filled with peace and presence.


By Gia George

Instagram @meditation_with_gia

Youtube:  divinelygia




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