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10 Best AI Art Generators You Should Use (Free & Paid)

Last Updated on December 28, 2022

AI art generators are the current trend in art creation, photo correction, and editing. Hence, we reviewed ten AI art generators to ensure you are choosing the best in the business. However, after reviewing them,  we concluded that Jasper Art is the best overall AI art generator. 

Nowadays, art has gone beyond acrylic paint and paper canvas. It has become digital. Artists often use these generators to create NFTs and other forms of digital art that both tell stories and have market value.

Jasper Art is our top AI Art generator; this platform provides solutions for all AI art generation. It is fast and reliable, turning imagination into awesome photos and art in seconds. Also, Jasper Art has a wide range of acceptability, as most top brands worldwide rely on the platform for generating content. 

We all have different reasons for seeking out an AI art generator. While some people are looking for an easy way to create content for blogs and social media pages, others want to create NFTs. Regardless of your category, there is an AI art generator for you. 

Keep reading as we provide you with an in-depth review of the 10 best AI art generators, their best uses, and why you should use them for your AI art generation. We also provide guides to help you make the best decision. 

Review of the Top10 Best AI Art Generators

In this section of the Best AI Art Generator review, we will delve deeper into the best artificial intelligence tools for Art creation. Some have specialized purposes, like creating NFTs and editing photos, while others are ideal for all your Art generation needs. 

We will highlight these AI art generators’ features, and who they are for so you know what they do. This ensures you make a well-informed decision when choosing one for your needs.

1. Jasper Art – Best AI Art Generator Overall

AI Art Generator

Jasper Art wins our best AI art generator. It uses a state-of-the-art AI image generator to produce digital art that is both aesthetically pleasing and unique. The beauty of this generator is that it produces art based on your imagination. With Jasper’s art, exploring and experimenting with various art styles becomes easier while selecting a style that speaks to you.

Furthermore, Jasper’s Art like its AI writing tool is very easy to use. It allows you to generate different photo styles, including realistic and cartoon-style images, by just entering the right text into the tool. And the best part of this tool is its speed, as it generates an image that matches the text inputted in seconds. 

This Jasper AI art generator from the text also has virtual assistants available, ready to answer questions about the tool both new and existing users might have. 

This AI art generator is ideal for generating extraordinary images with your written text. So, if you are into creating visual content that needs beautiful images, Jasper Art is the best in the game.

2. Nightcafe – Best For Content Creators

Nightcafe - AI Art Generator

NightCafe is another big AI-generation brand with many options to choose from. These options make the NIghtCafe AI generator super easy to use, even for newbies, while affording more control to advanced editors. 

Besides, this AI art generator has a free trial version with a lot of functionality, which you can use without signing up. NightCafe has a credit-based system. What does this mean? You can buy or earn credits needed for AI art generation. To earn credits, all you need to do is participate in the community. 

Talking about community, Nightcafe has a community with a lot of social features. Its community is vibrant and helpful, with members interacting and creating new content daily for you to draw inspiration from. Not sure where to get the next inspiration for your social media post? Head to the community space.

NightCafe lets you organize your creations into collections. It also lets you download all your digital art images in bulk. With NightCafe, art is not just digital, as this AI generator allows you to buy a print version of your artwork. 

NightCafe is just right for you if you require a community to be at your creative best. It is also ideal if you prefer downloading files in bulk instead of individually.

3. Fotor – Best for Generating NFTs

Fotor - AI Art Generator

If your reason for trying out AI art generation is creating NFT, then Fotor is your best bet. This generator has a very user-friendly interface that requires little effort to use. It offers you advanced AI tools ideal for creating high-quality art. 

The good news? Fotor creates beautiful photorealistic art in a matter of minutes. Also, you do not have to sign up or log in to use this particular site for your art creation. To use Fotor, all you need to do is upload an image and choose your preferred style. After successfully editing, you can download the edited image free from the platform.

This brand has been around for a long time and offers free versions of apple products, including the iPad and iPhone. Fotor is just right for you if you want to create high-quality art without committing long-term to a platform.

4. Hotpot AI – Best for Enhancing Photos

Hotpot AI

Hotpot is one of the best AI art generators in the world. With this tool, you can create art with AI by converting real-time photos. The beauty of this platform is the availability of different artistic styles like Chinese painting, pixel art, and Van Gogh. 

Hotpot is a versatile AI art generator with many editing options. For instance, you can colorize black-and-white photos and remove the background from an image. You can also reimagine yourself with AI, turn your imagination into art, and remove objects from pictures. Hotpot also helps restore pictures by removing scratches, enhancing faces, and sharpening existing picture colors. 

It is important to note that using this tool requires a paid subscription, and there are no free trials. However, the cost of editing pictures with Hotpot is affordable, with 25 images going for about $5. A small price to pay to get your damaged memorable pictures restored in no time.

Additionally, Hotpot AI is just right for you if you are looking for a top-quality AI generator that is affordable and has different artistic styles.

5. Starryai – Best for Creating Abstract Images

Starryai is an AI generation tool with three different AI options; Altair, Orion, and Argo. Altair produces images that have a dream-like quality. Images produced by this AI are more abstract. On the other hand, Argo is best for creating artistic images or product renders. At the same time, Orion produces abstract images similar to Altair’s. 

Creating art using this free AI art generator is as easy as it gets. The process is simple, enter text describing what you want to create into the prompt textbox and click the create button. After clicking create, the AI generator will produce a rendered image of your imagination in a few minutes.

To use Starryai, you have to log in using either apple or google. Also, note that Starryai is perfect for producing NFTs. The best part is that images created using Starryai are free for use. In other words, you have full ownership of any art you make using Starryai.

Are you looking to create NFTs for free? The Starry Ai AI generator is just right for you, as it lets you create art with just the click of a button.

6. Artbreeder – Best for Creating Quality Digital Landscapes


Artbreeder is an AI art generator with a great reputation. With Artbreeder, you can create a variety of digital content. For instance, you can create digital landscapes that fit your imagination. You can also create anime characters and animated art pieces. 

Doubling as an editor, you can enhance the quality of an image using this tool. For art creation, you can create different versions of a single image by tweaking features. For instance, you can alter the skin color, eyesight, and hairstyle of the art you create using Artbreeder. 

Artbreeder is a versatile platform that supports file formats like JPG and PNG for easy file use and sharing. Are you Looking for a platform that lets you organize your illustrations better? Artbreeder is ideal, as it features a folder system, which makes for easy organization and management. It has a storage system that allows you to save all the images you generate. Also, you can retrieve these saved pictures at any time.

This AI generator is ideal for you if you are looking to create high-quality anime characters or animated art pieces at an affordable rate.

7. Stablecog – Best Ai Art Generator for Animations 


If you are looking to build realistic images from scratch, then Stablecog is just right. Stablecog is an open-source AI art generator. Creating realistic art involves a few steps, making this software very easy to use. To use this generator, you need to describe your image in the prompt provided and click on generate. 

Besides, Stablecog is versatile, allowing you several editing options, including 3D digital art, 3D comic, animated movie, 3D renderings, and anime. Being open-source, you do not have to pay to edit your picture or create digital art using this platform.

Due to the speed of its rendering, it takes anywhere between 5 seconds to 2 minutes to create AI art using Stablecog. After rendering, you can either download the AI art or copy its prompt. Also, unlike most platforms, Stablecog offers you a seed option, a code you can copy to achieve repeatable results during rendering. 

Do you want an Ai Art platform that renders art images in a short time? Then Stablecog is just right for you, with a short render time of about 5 seconds to 2 minutes.

8. Deepai – Best for Making Cartoon Images

Deepai offers several tools ideal for use in creating realistic images. Like Stablecog, Deepai is open-source software, but it is not free to use, as unlocking some features requires going pro. With this AI art generator, you can create as many images as you’d like, each telling a unique story. 

To create AI art using Deepai, all you need to do is enter text in the text box describing the type of art you would like to produce and choose a style. After choosing a style, you can click on generate to preview the image. Contents made using this tool are highly customizable, allowing you to modify content details like texture and color. 

Deepai’s CartoonGAN tool makes it possible to turn a real image into its cartoon equivalent with just the click of a button. Other tools featured on this generator include; BigGAN and StyleGAN. These tools help change the details of each image. So if you are an artist or a designer, DeepAI is perfect for your content creation needs. 

Are you a fan of making cartoon characters? Or are you looking for a platform that allows you to customize art as much as you want? Then Deepai is just right for you.

9. Runway ML – Best for Video Editing

Runway ML is a versatile tool that you can use to generate different art styles. Aside from creating AI art, this tool is also ideal for object 3D modeling and animation. It also comes with a video editing tool allowing you to create and edit video projects on the platform.

Actions you can perform on Runway ML include removing the background from a video and generating an image from text. This tool also allows you to remove noise from the audio background and cover text to 3D texture. With Runway ML, motion tracking becomes possible as the tool can automatically track the motion of any object.

To use Runway ML, you have to sign up with google or by using your email address. However, while you can try using this tool for free, there is a limit placed on the AI magic tool export options. Also note that with the free version, you only get 25 image generations.

Are you looking for an AI generator that allows you to edit videos too? Runway ML offers you high-quality photo and video editing

10. Dream AI – Best for Creating Faux Painting

Our final AI generator is the Dream AI developed by WOMBO. Considered one of the best NFT creator applications by many users, Dream AI allows users to create unique content. Users can create a cartoon or faux painting using existing pictures and written or spoken words. There are also a variety of styles and landscapes that new, budding and professional artists can choose from on this platform.

So, why choose Dream AI for your AI art generation? It is a free platform that produces surreal designs. Also, with several styles to choose from, you always have new content for your posts and social media pages. Dream AI is also easy to use, allowing you to create professional art pieces in a few simple steps. This makes it perfect for digital art creators and NFT enthusiasts. 

Additionally, Dream AI offers a versatility of art styles, including cartoon and faux painting. So, it is ideal if you want to make faux paintings using an AI generator. 

Guide to Choosing the Best Ai Art Generator

There are a lot of AI generators online, and most have price tags attached or promise better service if you go pro. So what exactly do you look out for when buying or looking for one to use? Here are some factors to consider. 


The AI generator’s features go a long way toward telling how it works. With feature-packed AI art generators, it is often easier to create unique content every time. Features, in this case, include styles and how much control you have over editing presets. However, try going for AI art generators that give you some editing leeway when buying. 


Copyright problems are one major challenge of using AI art generators. However, you can always avoid this problem by using top-quality generators that provide copyright protection. Furthermore, if you use artificial intelligence-generated art for commercial purposes, look for generators that provide commercial use permissions. 


This is another challenge people have when choosing art generators. However, you should note that the price often depends on the final result you get and the additional features provided by the platform.

Use Cases

Use cases define what you want to use the AI art for. Common use cases include NFTs, Chapter Themes, Advertising, Marketing, Social Media, Logos, and Book covers. You should note that not all AI art generators are ideal for these use cases. This is primarily due to the features and quality of art they provide, so when choosing an Art generator, ensure you go for ones that provide art for a wide range of uses.

Ease of Use

Some AI art generators are easier to use than others. This is primarily due to their algorithm and user interface. However, the generators listed here are easy to use, although some are easier to use than others. 


AI art generators are here to stay, as they make content creation easier and a tad faster. The tools help you transform your imagination into a beautiful artwork in no time. 

However, if you are looking for the best AI art generator to get for all use cases, ranging from social media marketing to content creation, then Jasper Art is ideal. 

They have affordable pricing at $20 per month per/ user, with no restrictions on the number of images you can generate. So, head on to Jasper Art to buy your quality AI art generation tool. 


How do ai art generators work?

AI art generators use machine learning algorithms to create art. There are several ways that these algorithms can be used to generate art, but the most common approach is through the use of neural networks.
Neural networks are a type of machine learning algorithm that are inspired by the structure and function of the human brain. They consist of layers of interconnected “neurons,” which process and transmit information. When an AI art generator uses a neural network, it typically involves training the network on a large dataset of images, so that it can learn to recognize patterns and features in the data.
Once the neural network has been trained, it can be used to generate new images. This is typically done by inputting a random noise seed into the network and using it to generate an image that resembles the training data. The generated image can then be further modified and refined by adjusting various parameters within the network.
There are also other approaches to generating art with AI, such as using evolutionary algorithms or rule-based systems. However, the use of neural networks is the most common approach.

Will ai art replace artists and designers?

It is unlikely that AI art will completely replace artists and designers. While AI can certainly be used to generate art and design, it is still reliant on human input and direction. For example, an AI art generator can only create art based on the data it has been trained on, so it is ultimately limited by the quality and diversity of that data.
Moreover, creating art and design is more than just about producing aesthetically pleasing images or objects. It also involves artistic expression, communication of ideas, and conveying emotions and meaning. These aspects of art and design require a level of creativity and human insight that AI is not yet capable of replicating.
It is also worth noting that art and design play a crucial role in our society and culture, and they are often used to express and explore important social, political, and personal themes. AI may be able to generate aesthetically pleasing images, but it is unlikely to be able to address these deeper themes and meanings in the same way that human artists and designers can.
In short, while AI may be able to assist artists and designers in their work, it is unlikely to fully replace them.

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