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59 Best Recurring Affiliate Programs 2024 To Supercharge Your Monthly Income

Last Updated on February 16, 2024

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Augusta Precious Metals

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Live Chat

22% Recurring

Recurring commissions is a magic word in the affiliate marketing space. It’s the closest thing to passive income when you think about it. You promote once and ideally get paid for years ahead. But anything good in life, it don’t come easy. Aside from competition in almost any worthy niche, you also need to remember that when you refer a customer to a recurring affiliate program it’s hard to know how long they will stay customers. Companies don’t usually reveal the churn rate and it can range from 5% annually to 70%. So that’s why it’s important to choose affiliate programs that are worthy of your efforts and capital invested in promoting them.

How to choose a recurring affiliate program to promote?

To maximize your chances to long lasting recurring commissions there are a few factors to consider when choosing an affiliate program.

  • Timely automated payouts- make sure payouts are timely (weekly, monthly), reasonable (no longer than net 45) and automated.
  • Good support- If the company has helpful affiliate managers it’s a sign they are taking their affiliates seriously.
  • Affiliate Resources- Does the program provides emails swipes, banners, landing pages. What does the dashboard tracking reporting look like?
  • Cookie duration- How long does the cookie lasts, do you get paid for multiple purchases from the same customer?

Best recurring affiliate programs By Category

To make it easier for you to search we divided the recurring affiliate programs into categories. Of course you can find hundreds if not thousands of more programs in each category. In this post I listed the best ones I had the chance to work with and I can testify first hand, they are reliable, pay on time and can make you a lot of money.

Email Marketing Recurring Commission Affiliate Programs

GetResponse Recurring  Affiliate Program

My take:

Active campaign has a great program but if you don’t refer at least one customer in a 6 months period you will lose all your recurring commissions you have accumlated up until that point , so that’s important to know. The great thing about email marketing affiliate programs is that ones you refer someone they are likely to stay for years to come making you money on autopilot.

NameCommission Rate
Active Campaign20%-30% commissions tiers.
Getresponse33% or $100 CPA
Beehiiv50% commission on all payments within the first 12 months
Aweberup to 50%

Landing Page/Sales Funnel Recurring Commission Affiliate Programs

CLICKFUNNELS Recurring Commission Affiliate Programs

My take:

Clickfunnels is really investing in their affiliates. One of their most famous promotions is the “What’s Your Dream Car?!?” Once you refer 100 customers clickfunnels will pay you an extra $500/month for your dream car and $1000/month if you reach 200. The thing I don’t like about leadpages is that their commission rates depend on the amount of customers you refered last month. So if 1 month you refered sales less than $49 your commission rate is only 10%.

NameCommission Rate
Leadpagesup to 50%.
InstapageUp to 40%.

Ad Tracking Funnel Recurring Commission Affiliate Programs

best recurring affiliate marketing programs

My take:

Voluum and anytrack are for more advanced marketers and clickmagick is more beginner friendly so keep that in mind when promiting them. Lasso is more for webmaters, they have great tools to better monetize content and affiliate links.

NameCommission Rate
Lasso20% per sale for the first 12 months.

Lead Generation Recurring Commission Affiliate Programs

My take:

Highlevel just like clickfunnels are investing heavily in their affiliates. They also have a similar affiliate contest where for refering 50 Active HighLevel PRO accounts they will pay an extra $750/month towards an electric vehicle and for 75 Active HighLevel PRO accounts $1,300/month towards an electric vehicle!. Highlevel is more that just a lead generation tool and it’s more a all in one marketing platform for businesses and agencies.

NameCommission Rate
Hunter.io30% commission on the first 12 payments within the first 12 months
PhantomBuster20%-30% commissions tiers.

Video Editing Recurring Commission Affiliate Programs


My take:

With the rise of the creator economy AI video tools became extremly popular. Creating videos became a fairly easy task that anyone can complete with an electronic device and one of these software. Promoting these tools right now is like selling shovels in the gold era.

NameCommission Rate
PictoryUp to 50%
Opusclip22% for the first 12 months.

SEO Recurring Commission Affiliate Programs

surferseo affiliate program

My take:

SEO is changing dramitcally all the time, with google updates and AI it’s hard to find good tools to keep your website search engine friendly. These tools though have been around for a while and are up to date with the market trends so I think they are a good choice for affilaites.

NameCommission Rate
Surfer SEO25%.
Outranking IO25%.
Link Whisper30%.

Social Media Recurring Commission Affiliate Programs


My take:

Social media tools help you create and schedule content and can be promoted to agencies, small business owners and agencies.

NameCommission Rate
Social Pilot20%

VPN Recurring Commission Affiliate Programs

My take:

With concerns over privacy increasing constantly, VPN affiliate programs can turn into a steady income of recurring commissions. It has been reported that 31%!!! of interenet users use a VPN.

nord vpn partner program
NameCommission Rate
Proton30% commission on the first 12 payments within the first 12 months
PrivatevpnUp to 30%.

Hosting Recurring Commission Affiliate Programs

cloudways partner program

My take:

It’s hard to find reccuring affiliate programs for hosting, most of them pay a flat fee and in most cases not that high even.

NameCommission Rate
Cloudways$30 upfront plus 7% lifetime recurring commissions.

AI Copywriting Recurring Commission Affiliate Programs

jasper affiliate program

My take:

Not easy to promote these with free tools like Chatgpt and Bard. But still are good tools for content creation at high scale for bloggers and writers.

NameCommission Rate
Jasper25% for the first 12 months.
Content At Scale15%.
Copy AI 45% commission on all payments within the first 12 months.

eCommerce Recurring Commission Affiliate Programs


My take:

With eCommerce sales breaking records year after year, you can certainly jump on the trend if you can target Amazon sellers, shopify store owners etc. Dropshipping apps, payment processing, store builders , the options are endless.

NameCommission Rate
Samcart40% for the first 24 months.
Sendowl50% for the first 12 months.
Dropified20% for the first 12 months.

Cryptocurrency and NFT Recurring Commission Affiliate Programs

coinledeger affiliate program

My take:

BitIRA is an interesting programs allowing Americans to invest in crypto through their IRA, they will pay you a fixed fee for every qualified lead plus a percentage of the sale which can be thousands of dollars. Coinledger is also interesting, it’s an app that does your crypto taxes and I perdict we will see more demand for this kind products in the near future.

NameCommission Rate
Nexo10% for the first 12 months.
BitIRA$50 cpa &1%-3% off a sale.

Online courses Recurring Commission Affiliate Programs

thinkific affiliate

My take:

Online education is another booming niche and people are looking for places to sell their knowledge. Teachers, course creators and educators need reliable platforms to manage their courses , students and classes. If you can reach that audience you can make a lot of money.

NameCommission Rate
Thinkific40% for the first 24 months.
TeachableUp to 30%.

CRM Recurring Commission Affiliate Programs

My take:

Every serious business needs a CRM. And when you get someone in the door they will probably end up staying a customer for years ahead. That’s why these programs are super competitive.

NameCommission Rate
Getresponse33% or $100 CPA
Pipeline CRM20%.
ZOHO15% for the first 12 months.
Pipedrive20% for the first 12 months.
Active Camaign20%-30%.

How to promote recurring commission affiliate programs.

First off, focus is your best friend. So choose only one program or a few competing programs (i.e emai affiliate programs, lead generation etc. ).

You can create video content on social platforms, written content on a blog, or if you have the budget, run paid ads (just make sure the program you’re promoting allows it). You can review one product/service at a time you can create a comparison content and or create how to tutorials. Keep your target audience in mind and remember the more they are happy with the service/product they bought through your affiliate link the more likely they will keep paying for it making you commissions.

You can also do cold outrache to people you are targeting via social media, email even the phone and offer them help setting them up with a sales funnel for example all they have to do is sign up through your affiliate link.

You’d have to work hard to start seeing your efforts paying off, but it will be worth it, if you’re consistent.

Bottom Line

Promote once and earn for a lifetime is the dream when promoting recurring affiliate programs. But like anything worthwhile in life it’s not that easy. You need to consider churn rate, competition and that it takes time to start seeing life changing monthly income which is for most people thousands of dollars a month. There are people promoting programs like Gohighlevel or livechat that are making over $100,000/month. Which is insane. But even if you “only” make $5000/month it is still a salary you can easily leave of from and provide to your family.

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